Wine Hacking – “First Bottle”

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love wine!  I know all you moms out there feel me when I say, there are some days when the hope of a glass of wine is the only thing that keeps me sane up until bed time. But man, wine can get expensive, right?  That is why most nights if I am just having a glass after the kids are in bed, I bring out my cheapo old faithful favorite bottle.

But what about when you are entertaining? You don’t necessarily want to open a $10 bottle of wine for your friends, right?  And, lets be honest, if you have gone through the trouble of prepping your house to host friends, you deserve a really nice glass of wine.  But providing good wine for friends can get really expensive, really fast.

One bottle of wine really only holds 4 glasses and with a bottle running up to GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH, that can add up quickly!!!  So how do you impress your friends with your fancy wine without needing to rob a back before hand.

I use what I call a “first bottle.”  What does that mean?


Exactly that.  The first bottle of wine (or 2, if your party is larger) you open is your nice bottle. Everyone can have a really nice first and maybe second glass of wine.  You and your friends can still really enjoy the flavor profile of the wine (do I sound legit?), so you know your good wine is still being appreciated.  Then, after the first bottle you go back to the old faithful cheaper bottle.  That way you aren’t wasting spendy wine on tipsy people (including yourself), and you are still able to open a 2nd (or 3rd?) bottle without breaking the bank.

So, next time you are prepping to host a party, don’t feel bad.  Go ahead a buy one or two nice bottles of wine… and then some extra cheapies.  I promise your guests won’t even notice.

Happy Hacking!

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