5 Ways To Make It Feel Like Spring In The PNW

I don’t know about you, but March is always hard in the Pacific Northwest. Spring break is upon us, you start to see people around the rest of the country posting about their spring adventures and cute spring fashion. Sandals and shorts start to show up at the retail stores. But then you walk outside. It is still 50 degrees and raining. You so badly want it to be spring but, in reality, it is still winter for at least another 2 months. So how to do you beat the long-lasting winter gloom? Here are 5 things I do to get me through this soggy time.

  1. Buy fresh flowers. You don’t have to go crazy here, even just a $5 bouquet from the grocery store will do. Get something vibrant that will really pop among all the gray that the PNW drenches us with. The brightness placed around your house will warm your sole just a little bit and give you hope that spring is coming. A little hack here too. If you are like me and can not keep anything alive for even a short time, faux flowers will work too. (And you only have to buy them once.:) Here are some of my favorites.  
  2. Buy a fresh, spring scented candle. We all know how one scent can take you back to a memory. Buy your favorite spring flavored candle and keep that thing lit. Here is my favorite.   
  3. Open your curtains and blinds. It is time to come out of our dens and see the natural light again. I love in the winter to close all my blinds and curtains, they give such a cozy feel, but now is not the time for cozy. Open those babies up. Every now and again the sun does peek out from behind the clouds and you get real sun light in your house. It is amazing and you don’t want to miss it.  
  4. Clean something. This sounds way harder than it actually is, and it doesn’t have to be anything big. You could clean out your fridge, pantry or a little closet. Maybe your silverware drawer, or makeup bag. Give yourself just a little fresh start that helps the sole feel a little lighter.   
  5. Get a pedicure. Not just any pedicure though, get one with a bright fun spring color. You know there is going to be at least one day this month that the rain will stop for a few hours and the first thing you are going to want to do it wear some sandals. Be ready so that you can seize that spring moment and make it yours.

Spring is one of the hardest times of year in the Pacific Northwest, but don’t let it take you down. We got this, we will eventually make it to spring (most likely in the summer?)But in the meantime, why not let a little Spring in.

What is your favorite way to invite Spring into your house during these long lasting gloomy months???

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